BADD Project – One Every 15 Minutes

BADD (Battle against Drunk driving) is a project based on the reality that one person dies from a drunk driving accident every 15 minutes. In this project, a student was taken out of his/her classroom by the Grim Reaper. This occurred every 15 minutes. The students were made up to look “dead” by painting their faces. They were also given a “One Every 15 Minutes” black t-shirt to wear. Students would then finish their day at school without speaking to anyone. They were the “living dead”.

Melanie arranged for the project to be done at the High School. She worked with Sauk Prairie Ambulance, the Sauk and Prairie Fire Depts, English teachers, AV crew and the art department. she also recruited students. Melanie was in charge of everything throughout the day, leading up to the accident scene. She gathered students for the accident scene and set up practice dates.

Melanie worked with the English teachers and gave them some ideas on an English project/writing which would go along with the BADD project. Students from the art club volunteered to “make-up” the students who would be in the accident scene. The AV dept filmed the project.