Workplace Campaigns

Thanks to the generosity of employees in the workplace, United Way is able to help thousands of people in need in our community.

Workplace campaigns are the foundation of United Way’s fund development efforts and employees who serve as our Campaign Coordinators each year are key to our success. Coordinators assume leadership responsibility for the United Way Campaign in their respective companies and bring together the necessary resources to conduct a successful campaign.

United Way strives to provide workplace campaign coordinators with the tools and skills necessary to educate employees about United Way and offer those who wish to give the opportunity to do so. Please see below for resources that can help you get started in running your campaign.

Beneficiary Statistics:

How Your Gift Makes a Difference:

When you reach out a hand to one, you influence the condition of us all. The quality of life for our entire community improves when everyone has a chance to have:

  • A quality Education that leads to a stable job
  • Enough Income to support a family
  • The ability to achieve and maintain good health

The Impact Your Dollars Make:

United Way is the best way to make the biggest difference and create a better tomorrow for all of us. The extraordinary reach and multiplier effect of United Way’s work wouldn’t be possible without your contributions. See how your contributions make an impact on our Sauk Prairie neighbors:

Valuing Children:

  • $1 per week provides supervision and educational activities in a safe environment to a child or teenager.

Nurturing Independence:

  • $5 per week enables indigent families to obtain emergency financial assistance.

Strengthening Families & Maintaining Good Health:

  • $10 per week provides outpatient health care for a low-income person who does not have health coverage.

Coordinator Resources:

Email Templates for Communicating with Employees:

  1. Kick off Email
  2. Reminder Email
  3. Thank you Email